Aboriginal young people are facing new problems which are overwhelming. They also deal with old inherited problems in the breakdown of families, racism, poverty and difficulties at home. There are external challenges in finding a good path in life in a world that might not present any hope. There are far too many young people choosing to end their life as all hope disappears. This is why SCIYP got started back in 2012. SCIYP is the program that’s operating to support YOUTH in CRISIS.

The main focus has been to help train people to work with young people who are struggling with life. In Australia the Aboriginal and T.S.I. communities suffer with some of the highest rates of youth suicide in the world. We offer support and training programs, particularly in the Kimberleys, W.A., to address this nightmare issue. We provide support for people working to provide help and referrals to young people so they can have the skills and confidence to step in when needed and speak up for the downcast. We offer specialised training to people who are on the front lines of tragedy affecting young people.

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Group trainees at Etihad Stadium in 2012      

Group training at the Aborigines Advancement League, Melbourne 2014

“Speaking 4 Ways” is a program developed by Tony and Francine Riches to work together and to involve community members to join the fight against suicide.

This has been used in a workshop setting with over 200 people and the interest is growing as it’s can be easily adapted and duplicated.
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Group training in the Kimberley 2018